National Blue Ribbon School
    North Conejos Schools – District RE-1-J

    P.O. Box 430  •  Manassa, Colorado 81141
    (719) 843-5277  

     Upcoming Events for March

    • 5th - 16th – Pennies for Patients Drive
    • 6th – Flouride Varnish
    • 11th - Daylight Savings Time
    • 13th BOE Meeting - 6:30
    • 19th - 22nd – Spring Break


    Principal’s Notes

    Dear Parents,

         PARCC time is right around the corner.  I believe these assessments to be “our time to shine.”  It is our opportunity to show our parents, our community and the state just how hard our kids work.  We also use this data to identify areas in which we can improve the educational experiences of our learners.  As a school we receive our school performance framework rating based on these results.  These assessments continue to be very important for all public schools in Colorado. 

        I am pleased to announce that Manassa Elementary and the Town of Manassa were successful in receiving a Safe Route to School Grant.  Through contributions from the Town of Manassa, The North Conejos School District, and the Department of Transportation we will be receiving $350,000.00 in order to address concerns about how students get to and leave from school.  We are excited to implement these upgrades in order to provide for students safety.  With these upgrades we will also be following different protocols for dropping off and picking up students.  Thank you in advance for helping us keep our students safe.

        Thank you for all that you do to support your children.  

    Denny Fringer

    Fluoride Varnish

    We will be doing the 2nd application of fluoride varnish on March 6th.  If you gave consent and your child received the 1st application in the fall, then they will automatically receive the 2nd application.  Please let the school nurse or the school secretary know if you don't want your child to participate the 2nd time.  Thanks.  Melissa Caldon RN

    Pennies for Patients

    Manassa Elementary will be collecting Pennies for patients March 5th – March 16th.  The kids will have boxes to carry with them as they collect pennies to help kids with Leukemia.

     Set your clocks ahead 1 hour!  3-11-18

    Counselor’s Notes

    This school year is going quickly, and will be over before we know it.  If how quickly time has been flying is any indication as to how fast the future will come and go, then now is the time to take a few minutes to talk to your child about their day . If you are having trouble getting your child to talk, or keep getting the same answers to the same questions, check out the article below from Positive Parenting Connections.

    https://www.positiveparentingconnection.net/positive_parentin g_25questions_school/

    Jamie Thomas
    School Counselor

     Nurse’s Notes

         It all adds up!  Exercise doesn't have to be done all at once.  Encourage your youngster to be active throughout the day - small amounts of time will add up!  In general, school-age children should get at least an hour of physical activity each day.  Here are some ways to put more exercise into your child's routine:
          Have her invite friends over for a backyard game of tag or capture the flag.
          Suggest that she jump rope for 10 minutes.
          Put on some music and dance to it.
          Bike together to the library or a friend's house.  Note:  For safety, use sidewalks and use helmets.
          When you do errands together, park far from the store to encourage more walking time.
          Take the steps rather than the elevator when you're shopping or at the dentist.
    Remember:  Regular exercise will not only make your child healthier - it will help her sleep better at night and be in better shape to learn and play all day.

     Thank You,

    ME School Nurse
    Melissa Caldon RN

     SPRING BREAK!!!  -  March 19th – 22nd

     Box Tops for Education

    Our school is collecting the “Box Tops for Education” coupons.  There is a box on the desk in the office to put the coupons in.  These coupons can be found on many house-hold items.  Go to www.btfe.com for a complete listing of participating products.  Once again Manassa Elementary is having a class competition to see what class will bring the most “Box Tops.”  The final day for this competition will be March 31st.  The class with the most “Box Tops” will get a party.  Thanks for supporting your child and our school.