Supply Lists for High School Classes

    • Life Science/Biology- Mrs. Archuleta- Three ring binder with six dividers, loose leaf paper, Pen, Pencil, Personal pencil sharpener, colored pencils 24 count, two different color highlighters, meteric ruler, 3X3 sticky note pad


    • Physical Science - Mr. Parrish - Blue/Black pen, Pencil, Loose leaf paper, Notebook


    • Chemistry/Anatomy - Mrs. Parrish - Paper/Notebook, Pencil, Blue/Black pen, Scientific calculator                      
      AP Chem - Notecards


    • Building Trades- Mr. Roberts- Pencil, Notebook, Safety Glasses, Shop Attire (no loose bagging clothing,      
      no opened-toe shoes), Building Trades 2-4 need materials for personal projects


    • Spanish - Mr. Huffaker - Notebook, Folder, Pencil


    • English - Mrs. Crowther - Notebook or loose leaf paper, folder, pens, pencils, highlighters, & sticky notes.


    • English- Mr. Longfellow- Notebook/Journal- If students have a laptop (this is NOT mandatory, only if they have one), please bring it to use in class. 


    • Junior English - Mr. Miller - 2 Notebooks (one for notes and one for assignments), One small Websters dictionary


    • English- Ms. Siemering-   Notebook or loose leaf paper, folder, pens, pencils, highlighters, & sticky notes.


    • Transition - Mrs. Espinoza - Pencil, Notebook or binder with loose leaf college ruled paper, Reading book


    • Integrated Math 3/PreCalculus -Ms. Muniz  - Pencil, Notebook or loose leaf paper, enough for all year


    • Integrated Math2/Calculus - Pencils, good eraser, Composition notebook for notes, Notebook/loose leave paper for assignments, Color Pencils, Red Pen


    • History - Mr. Chase - Notebook and Pen/Pencil 


    • History - Mrs. Bechaver - Loose leaf paper and Blue/Black pen 


    • Teen Choices - Mrs. Bechaver - Composition note, Loose leaf paper, Pencil


    • Art- Mrs. Riccatone- Students enrolled in art classes will need to pay an art fee every semester and she will buy the supplies needed. The art fee is $15.00 per semester. 


    • Band - Mr. Garrison- Pencils, Supplies for instrument, Instruments may be checked out at school, there is a limited number of instruments available
    • Med Prep- Mrs. LeSueur Classes

      Medical Assisting- Loose leaf paper blue or black pen, red pen dry erase markers, index cards

      Intro to Health Science-loose leaf paper, pen or pencil colored pen, dry erase marker, index cards 

      Med term- loose leaf paper, pen or pencil colored pen for grading dry erase marker  and 500 index cards to start could need more

      EMR- loose leaf paper pen or pencil colored pen dry erase marker 500 index cards 

    • Ag Classes- Ms. Hoyt- Small personal whiteboard with at least 2 different color dry erase markers, Large 3-ring binder 5 inch or bigger preferably (no smaller than 4 inch), Safety glasses, Writing utensils, Loose leaf paper, and A great attitude ready to learn