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Graduation Requirements

Centauri High School Graduation Requirements printout


            English                                   4 credits

          *Mathematics                          3 credits

           Science                                   3 credits

                   1 Physical Science                            (9th grade)

                   1 Biology Science                             (10 grade)

                   1 Additional Science                         (11th grade)

         Social Studies                          3 credits

                   World History                                  (9th grade) 

                   U.S. History                                     (10th or 11th grade) 

                   American Government                    (11th or 12th grade) 

        Physical Education                   1 credit

     * Foreign Language                    1 credit       (10th grade)

      Electives                                     11 credits

 26 credits required for graduation

 *If you plan on attending a 4-year college/university, you are strongly advised to complete four years of math and 4 years of science and two years of foreign language.