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FCCLA Officers

President: Lindsey Robins

Vice President: Kaleb Anderson 

Secretary/ Vice President of Membership: Chloe Huffaker

Treasurer/ Vice President Fundraising: Hiliana Baroz

Vice President of Community Service: Alexis Jarvies 

Vice President Competitive Events/ National Programs: Ariana Robins


  • Create agendas 
  • Lead Meetings 
  • Work cooperatively with other officers, members, committees, and administration 
  • Represent the chapter in a responsible and professional manner. 
  • Keep up to date with district, state, and national updates
  • Attendance is important

Vice President

  • Complete the president's responsibilities when absent 
  • Assist president as needed
  • Organize committees to complete project activities
  • Communicate to all chapter members about events and meetings
  • Make announcements
  • Work with advisers and administration along with President

Secretary/ Vice President of Membership

  • Keep meeting minutes
  • Keep attendance records 
  • Reminds officers of unfinished business
  • Help keep membership information organized

Treasurer/ Vice President Fundraising

  • Keep a running register 
  • Prepare a treasurer's report for each meeting 
  • Assist in collecting dues and any other transactions 
  • Help fill out requisition forms for conferences, supplies, etc. 
  • Work on fundraising committee's 

Vice President of Community Service 

  • Promote chapter community service projects
  • Organize and supervise community service related projects 
  • Contact other organizations who might assist the organization in achieving our goals 
  • Become familiar with state and national FCCLA Outreach projects

Vice President Competitive Events/ National Programs 

  • Be familiar with STAR events and all district, state, and national competitions 
  • Recruit and organize member involvement in STAR events 
  • Help implement FCCLA National programs
  • Organize awards for chapter members 


FCCLA Officers