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Membership Information

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Come join FCCLA!!

Membership Cost- $20

Membership Fee due date- September 19, 2023



  • Expand leadership skills
  • Developing skills for life
    • Planning
    • Decision-making
    • Time managment 
    • Goal setting
    • Problem solving 
    • Communication skills 

How to Join:

  1. Attend the first meeting of the year.
    • The meeting will be announced throughout the school sometime in September. 
  2. Talk to Mrs. Bechaver
    • Tell her your interest in joining FCCLA.
  3. Pay dues on time
    • Dues can be given to the office. 

Recruitment Activities:

Our recruitment activities are decorating cookies, giving out donuts to students, playing corn hole, making tie blankets, and having lunch games. We would like to include everyone who is interested in joining FCCLA and not leave anyone out. 

Membership Appreciation:

Throughout the year, FCCLA officers like to put on fun holiday meetings which consist of decorating cookies, creating blankets, playing games, having gift bags for all members, etc. When members go to state to compete, the group will usually go out for a nice dinner and a amusement place. Once we get back from state there is usually a time when we all get together and distribute awards from the year of being a part  of the chapter group. Throughout the year, we also have a recognition board where we like placing appreciation pictures of all members. This board has been able to show others around the school about things we do and to recognize all members of the chapter. 


Common Questions:

How do I sign up to join?

If you are interested in joining FCCLA, attend the first meeting, which is hosted in Mrs. Bechaver's room. There is usually a school announcement which will let students know when the meeting is. If you have any questions or miss the meeting, come talk to Mrs. Bechaver or one of the officers.

What do members do in FCCLA?

We help strengthen our family and communities to be the best they can be. Throughout the year, members prepare to compete in competitive events, which includes creating projects to be leaders of strengthening family and communities. Members participate in group activities which may include community service projects, school outreach activities, and other activities which may be held throughout the year. Our projects are taken to state and nationals in order to compete with other FCCLA members. 

What does FCCLA stand for?

FCCLA stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.


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