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Supply Lists for High School Classes

  • Life Science/Biology- Mrs. Archuleta- Three ring binder with six dividers, loose leaf paper, Pen, Pencil, Personal pencil sharpener, colored pencils 24 count, two different color highlighters, meteric ruler, 3X3 sticky note pad
  • Physical Science - Mr. Parrish - Blue/Black pen, Pencil, Loose leaf paper, Notebook
  • Chemistry/Anatomy - Mrs. Parrish - Paper/Notebook, Pencil, Blue/Black pen, Scientific calculator                      
    AP Chem - Notecards
  • Building Trades- Mr. Roberts- Pencil, Notebook, Safety Glasses, Shop Attire (no loose bagging clothing,      
    no opened-toe shoes), Building Trades 2-4 need materials for personal projects
  • Spanish - Mr. Harmsen - Notebook, Folder, Pencil
  • English - Mrs. Crowther - Notebook or loose leaf paper, folder, pens, pencils, highlighters, & sticky notes.
  • English- Mrs. Larsen and Mrs. Mortensen- Notebook/Journal- If students have a laptop (this is NOT mandatory, only if they have one), please bring it to use in class. 
  • Junior English - Mr. Miller - 2 Notebooks (one for notes and one for assignments), One small Websters dictionary
  • English- Mr. Pawloski-   Notebook or loose leaf paper, folder, pens, pencils, highlighters, & sticky notes.
  • Transition - Mrs. Espinoza - Pencil, Notebook or binder with loose leaf college ruled paper, Reading book
  • Integrated Math 3/PreCalculus   - Pencil, Notebook or loose leaf paper, enough for all year
  • Integrated Math2/Calculus - Pencils, good eraser, Composition notebook for notes, Notebook/loose leave paper for assignments, Color Pencils, Red Pen
  • History - Mr. Larsen - Notebook and Pen/Pencil 
  • History - Mrs. Bechaver - Loose leaf paper and Blue/Black pen 
  • Teen Choices - Mrs. Bechaver - Composition note, Loose leaf paper, Pencil
  • Art- Mrs. Riccatone- Students enrolled in art classes will need to pay an art fee every semester and she will buy the supplies needed. The art fee is $15.00 per semester. 
  • Band - Mr. Garrison- Pencils, All Band Students need a pair of Drum sticks, Supplies for instrument, Instruments may be checked out at school, there is a limited number of instruments available.  Reeds for woodwind instruments will have to be provided by the player. 
    Raymond Fussel Exercises For Ensemble Drill (for scales and rhythm exercises). 
    Cost ranges between $5-10
    Music in Technology will have a $10.00 tech fee.  
  • Med Prep- Mrs. White's Classes

    Medical Assisting- Loose leaf paper blue or black pen, red pen dry erase markers, index cards

    Intro to Health Science-loose leaf paper, pen or pencil colored pen, dry erase marker, index cards 

    Med term- loose leaf paper, pen or pencil colored pen for grading dry erase marker  and 500 index cards to start could need more

    EMR- loose leaf paper pen or pencil colored pen dry erase marker 500 index cards 

  • Ag Classes- Ms. Hoyt- Small personal whiteboard with at least 2 different color dry erase markers, Large 3-ring binder 5 inch or bigger preferably (no smaller than 4 inch), Safety glasses, Writing utensils, Loose leaf paper, and A great attitude ready to learn