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Park Rules

La Jara Elementary Park

General Information and Rules

1.                  Adult Supervision required at all times.  Do not leave children unattended. Children without supervision will be asked to leave.  This is for the safety of the child.

2.                  No Food or Drink on the play space.  Spilled food stains the surfacing.  Keep food at picnic tables.

3.                  Put all Trash IN the Trash Cans.

4.                 Hours are 8 am to dusk in the summer, and 4:15 pm to dusk during the school year.  Playground closes at Dusk (just before dark) everyday.

5.                 The playground equipment is for children ages 5-12.  Teenagers should be babysitting, not playing on the equipment.

6.        The Walking Trail and PE Stations are for all ages.

7.                  No Bullying.

8.                  No Vulgar Language.

9.                  Follow Safety Rules.  Play fair.  Play nice.

10.              Keep Rocks and Debris off rubber surfacing and red rock walking trail.

11.             No Skateboards or Bicycles on sidewalks, walking trail, play equipment, play space, or rubber surfacing.  Bicycles  & skateboards damage the surfacing and the walking trail.

12.      No dogs allowed in the park.  Please keep them at home.  Dog "doo-doo" and children don't mix.

13.             To notify dispatch of any criminal activity, call 589-5807.

14.     All activities monitored by Video Camera and local police.