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North Conejos Alternative Program



Alternate Education Campuses (AECs) are schools with specialized missions designed to serve high-risk student populations. The Education Accountability Act of 2009 (SB 09-163) authorizes the Department to conduct a distinct performance review for those schools that meet the definition of an AEC. The state's performance framework for AECs takes into account the unique purposes of the campuses and the unique circumstances of the challenges posed by the students enrolled in the campuses.

AECs have specialized missions, nontraditional methods of instruction delivery, serve students with severe limitations, and have student populations that are comprised of at least 90% high risk students.

High risk students are those who meet one or more of 15 conditions:

  1. Juvenile delinquent

  2. Dropped out of school

  3. Expelled from school

  4. History of personal drug or alcohol use

  5. History of personal street gang involvement

  1. History of child abuse or neglect/foster care
  2. Has a parent or guardian in prison

  3. Has an IEP

  4. Family history of domestic violence

  5. Repeated school suspensions

  1. Pregnant or parenting

  2. Migrant child

  3. Homeless child

  4. History of serious psychiatric or behavioral disorder

  5. Over-age/ under-credited

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