NCSD 2nd Semester Plan

NCSD Community,

We extend gratitude for the entire spectrum of people who have worked diligently to maintain the delivery of education and consistent instruction in the midst of the challenges brought about by COVID19.  Next semester, based on science and best practices from health and other authorities statewide, we announce our reopening plan for the second semester, beginning January 4th, 2021.  Schools have been deemed a low-risk environment for the contraction and/or spread of COVID19, and as pointed out by Governor Polis today, "If we knew then (March) what we know now, we wouldn't have closed schools last March."  To date, the NCSD has not experienced a single case of COVID19 proven to be contracted at school. 

The NCSD will return to in-person learning January 4, 2021.  As we have the technology, data and science, as well as the experience we did not have in August, the district will not offer remote learning for the second semester.

All students in the district were offered the use of a Chromebook, allowing all students to utilize Google Classrooms in the event that an individual, class or school necessitate quarantine for any length of time.

All schools will follow the guidance and protocols and utilize best practices with respect to maintaining student and staff health, as offered by the CDPHE and local health.  Masks will still be mandated, social distancing expected to the extent possible, hand washing will be strongly encouraged, and the district will continue the use of desk shields, sanitizing diffusers, and issued cleaning protocols to provide a clean and safe school environment.

If a student has COVID19 symptoms, we advise you to keep them home and have them evaluated by a health care professional, and/or contact our school nurse, Melissa Caldon, for guidance as soon as feasible.  This past semester has proven very effective with respect to people working together to allow in person instruction to continue while evaluating and responding to student and staff health.

In-person instruction provides the best possible environment for student learning, student mental and physical health, and as such the field of education has been deemed as "critical".  Our staff is at their best in person and with students, offering unmatched instruction in class.

Activities and athletics will resume as scheduled and as directed by our state organization, following protocols issued for the safety, health and welfare of students, sponsors and coaches.


Curt Wilson
Superintendent, North Conejos RE-1J