NCSD 2021-22 Return to School Letter


With full support of the NCSD Board of Education, the NCSD will be conducting full, in-person learning for the 2021-22 academic school year.  We have learned much through the pandemic with respect to health protocols, cleaning and mitigating the spread of disease and in relation to facilities management.  We will continue those best practices for the health of all. 

At this time, we are not planning for extended protocols such as masks and physical barriers, six foot distancing and other measures mandated by Governor's orders or directives from CDPHE, and will institute such only at their directives for public schools. 

We look forward to full activities, to a return to normal as much as possible, and extend our deepest appreciation for the entire community team of NCSD for assisting our students through our current academic year and for being flexible, patient, and working around quarantines and outages this academic year.


Curt Wilson
Superintendent, North Conejos RE-1J